Agatha is a brave and curious beautiful little bird. Here she introduces herself to us and tells us how she got her colourful feathers, that make her shine so bright. Do you want to join her exciting and brave adventures?


Frank is a frightened seagull. He’s so cute. He’s scared of everything and wears his helmet everywhere for disaster prevention.

Do you think he needs his helmet?
We don’t think so!


Harry is an old and wise tree. He urges The Moodies to believe in themselves and ensures them that they can do anything as long as they believe they can. Harry is like a father to The Moodies and loves to watch over Bonnie, Jacinta, Bobby, Frank and Agatha while they explore and share their adventures with us.


Bonnie is a young and curious little Bumble Bee. She loves to make people laugh, and spreads joy to all those around her. Bonnie is naïve and only see’s good in the world. All she wants to do is have fun play with her friends. Subscribe to follow her carefree journeys.


Meet Jacinta, the beautiful and energetic flower. Jacinta is confident, loves Instagram and taking selfies, and always sees the beauty in herself. Jacinta inspires us to love ourselves inside and out. Subscribe to follow her Journey of self love, and follow her on Instagram!


Meet Bobby, Bobby is the soil to the beautiful flower Jacinta. He is humble and down to earth. Bobby can get grumpy at Jacinta’s perfectionist ways, but he keeps her grounded – literally! Together, they make the perfect mix of self-confidence and humbleness to tackle any adventure together.